About Catherine

Catherine Capozzi is an award-winning film composer, guitarist, and producer. Her genre-bending musical style provides a base for composing innovative scores for films; some of which include: Still (2024), SpookT (2023), The Once and Future Smash (2022), End Zone 2 (2022), Sitting Duck (2021), Half-Cocked (2020), Clickbait (2019), What Metal Girls are Into (2018), Blood of the Tribades (2016), Magnetic (2015), and TEN (2014). Her compositions have received Best Score awards at film festivals, including GenreBlast, Renegade, Women in Horror, and the Sanford International Film Festival.

After being selected by Queen’s Brian May to win his famed “Red Special” guitar, Catherine founded Axemunkee to highlight her original guitar-based compositions. Axemunkee’s “Acid Django” has been featured multiple times on the History Channel’s hit program, “American Pickers” and other television shows. Catherine tours frequently throughout Europe and has been an invited guest artist for collaborations in the Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa.

Catherine is also the creator of “Bring Us Your Women,” an international, collaborative multimedia spectacle honoring diverse female icons with stories reimagined through film, music, dance and poetry. The unique retellings of these stories aim to inform, empower, and inspire.

Catherine is included in the book: She Bop: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul by British rock writer Lucy O’Brien and was the inspiration for a character (Dr. Capozzi, a “mad genetic scientist with a heart of gold”) in Marvel Comics’ Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.


Hors Format- Oversize: singles by Christina Goh and Catherine Capozzi and Gotham Djembe (Sept. 2016) -collaboration to be released by Plaza Mayor Company, LTD.

Blood of the Tribades (2016) composer for film score with Michael J. Epstein as part of ‘Night Kisses’. 

Spider Cult the Musical: by Catherine Capozzi  (June 2016)- commissioned to write score for sci fi burlesque musical

Catherine and David Play Guitar (May 2016)  by Catherine and David, guitar duo, Film Noir, gypsy, surf jazz sprinkled with spanish flavor and metal around the edges.

Concert Dans les Catacombes (June 2014), Axemunkee performance, Les Catacombes of Paris, France; guitarist

Bring Us Your Women (Nov. 2013 to present), Oberon Theater, Cambridge, Mass.; created, composed,    produced multimedia concert combining theater, rock, film, dance and original art

Axemunkee — internationally touring instrumental eclectic rock band; founder, composer, guitarist

Tomorrow the World (December 2013) – Punk rock opera by John Surrette; guitarist

Darling Pet Munkee — comic book, garage, surf punk band; founding member, guitarist

Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library — pop orchestra; guitarist, collaborator

Ziaf (defunct) — internationally touring band dedicated to the french chanteuse Edith Piaf; founding member

All the Queen’s Men (defunct) — critically acclaimed, internationally touring, rocktronica quartet; founding member, songwriter, composer

Boston Rock Opera; guitarist in several productions including Jesus Christ Superstar

Universal You; minimalist alternative rock, free jazz group led by composer David Doms (former RCA recording artist and current faculty member, Berklee College of Music); guitarist